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$6,000,000 Auto vs Auto/Truck

Auto accident | Rear-End Accident – Back Injury
Our client was driving on the 91 freeway when traffic began to slow down.  Our client was rear-ended and pushed in the HOV lane where a Ford F-350 truck approached at 65 MPH striking her vehicle for a second time causing serious injury a thoracic spine burst fracture.

$1,000,000 Pedestrian Accident

Automobile Accident | Pedestrian Facial Injury
Our client was lawfully crossing the street on her morning jog when the adverse party ran a red light and struck our client causing major facial degloving and lacerations.

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$3,000,000 Truck vs SUV

Trucking Accident | Comatose – Brain Injury
Our client’s vehicle malfunctioned and was stranded on the shoulder of the freeway. Tractor truck with a trailer attached veered into the shoulder and struck our client’s SUV causing multiple fractures and head trauma.

$350,000 Auto v. Auto

Vehicle Ran Light | Fractured Pelvis
Our client making a lawful left turn when the adverse party ran a red light and T-Boned her vehicle. Our client suffered fractures to the pelvic region.

What Our Car Accident Injury Clients Say

Originally I had gone to another law firm to handle my case. After almost a year of dealing with this other law firm and not getting proper treatment, I decided to go to Guldjian law to handle my case. Within weeks I got the treatment I needed. Everyone at Guldjian law is professional easy to talk to and honest. Chris settled my case quickly for the full policy amount. If you’re looking for a good law firm to actually handle your case properly and get you the results you need, look no further!

Diana S.Car Accident Injury Client

I don’t know where to begin, but this team is amazing! I was referred by some friends from work after being involved in a car accident and will not regret the decision of choosing them to handle my case. They are very professional and were always on track of everything. I did not have much to do on my part and they always kept me informed of anything and everything that was going on with my case. 

Luis C.Car Accident Injury Client

Honestly just such a wonderful team of people. They truly came through for me. I was not too well after my accident but they came to my house for my consultation. They won my case and I couldn’t be more satisfied!

Jemelah D.Car Accident Client

You can always tell who cares about their clients based on how you’re treated and they definitely showed they cared about me and getting what was fair for me. I am so appreciative of that. 

Ziza G.Car Accident Client

They’re a prompt, efficient and an understanding law firm. Since I’ve been working with them, I’ve gotten close to the staff and gotten the results we both thought were fair and appropriate. If you need a firm to fight for you, you should give Guldjian’s small, but competent firm a call. 

Jarimiah J.Car Accident Client


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I afford to hire your law firm?

Yes. Guldjian & Fasel Accident Attorneys works on a contingency basis. This means that you never pay any legal fees or out-of-pocket expenses unless we are successful in recovering money for your damages. We will expend all the time, money and resources that are necessary to ensure the best possible result for you.

Will you take my case?

In most cases, we will be able to let you know immediately. In cases where we need to investigate before making a decision, we will work hard and expend the resources necessary to make that decision as soon as possible.

Will I have to go to court?

Although cases do often settle before trial, we are always prepared to go to court and it may be necessary for you to testify in depositions before trial and during a trial. We will advise you at every stage of the process and make sure you are prepared.

What is your record of success?

Guldjian & Fasel Accident Attorneys has won millions of dollars for our clients. We are always prepared to go to trial, and we have many years of successful experience. There’s no guarantee in any case, but the defendants know our reputation for preparing the strongest case possible. This is important in obtaining a judgment for you.

What do I need to know when selecting an attorney?

When choosing an attorney, you should check qualifications and experience – and make sure your case will get the attention it deserves.  Our law firm has recovered millions for our clients and we do not settle a case just to settle it, we will take your case to court to get the best settlement!

How long will my lawsuit take?

We move every case along as quickly as possible. In many cases, we can obtain an excellent settlement before trial. Ultimately, the time it takes to resolve your case depends upon the complexity of the case and the court’s calendar.

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